Congratulations to these dads on their new family members and important milestones!
Josh and Joey - Property Gays

Congratulations to dads Josh and Joey on the birth of their son Micah!

Josh (above, left) and Joey (above, right), and big sister Myles (on Joey’s lap) are so excited to welcome their newest family member Micah, born March 1, 2017. This family was created through adoption and they live in Atlanta, Georgia.

“We are unbelievably proud of the family we’ve created with the addition of out two little ones,” said Josh. “The past had its challenges with two moves and two adoptions, but we wouldn’t change a thing – everything happens for a reason. The Bolton-Rogers family of four is excited and optimistic for what the future holds!”

Read this family’s story (prior to Micah’s birth) here.

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