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GWK Academy

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Brian Rosenberg
Founder & Head Coach
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About the business

GWK Academy is the roadmap to fatherhood that every gay and queer person needs to become a dad. The app will walk you through your options in becoming a dad whether that’s surrogacy & IVF, adoption, or foster care. Once you understand your choices you will be able to enroll in a guide specific to your path that covers all the essential information you need to feel confident and well-informed. And once you are ready to take the next step, we will help you find family-building partners who will support and advocate for you.


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A little about Brian, the founder of GWK Academy

Brian and his husband Ferd became first-time dads in 2009, creating their family through adoption and surrogacy. At the time, there were few resources available to help queer men become dads, and even fewer for those who already were, so they launched GWK in March 2014.
Together since 1993, the secret to this couple’s longevity is Ferd’s prowess in the kitchen and Brian’s great appreciation for anything his husband cooks!