The Religion Decision

Much of my own relationship with religion during my childhood and adolescence was filled with feelings of shame, guilt, and inadequacy. And there was no way I was going to put Luca, our son, through any of that.


Family Spotlight: David McKay & his son Joey

David never had any dreams or interest in having children. But then he met 18-year-old Joey, who had aged out of the foster care system and needed a forever family.

Family Spotlight

Trailblazers: The First Canadian Gay Couple to Co-Adopt

Though their journey often seemed impossibly difficult, David says he’d do it all over again just the same. “I knew there were children out there waiting for me,” he says. “I know I was destined to be Kolwyn’s and Nicholas’ father.”

The Dad Life

Gays With Kids Blogger on Canadian National TV

John Hart, the first gay dad blogger for Gays With Kids, discussed the role of all-encompassing parent that gay dads fulfill.

In the News

“Well, That’s Just Not Fair!’

A few words of advice: If you choose to build your same-gender-parented family through adoption or foster-to-adoption, fairness is a concept with which you will have a tortured relationship.


Calling for Mommy

“Mommy,” my daughter cries when she’s hurt or upset. “Mommy, mommy, mommy…” She knows I’m daddy and my partner is papa, so where is this mommy business coming from?


New Zealand ‘Afghan’ Cookies

An afghan is the quintessential cookie in New Zealand, or should I say, biscuit.

Just for Fun

Everything You Think You Know About Foster-Adopt is Wrong

That’s how the social worker began. Really? Was this how she was going to pique our interest — by boastfully explaining that everything we know about the process is wrong?


Gay Family Showcase

View photos of gay dad families from across the globe and add your own family photo.