Move Over, Mother And Father; Parents’ Day Is Coming!

Yesterday, blogger AJ Edge’s post “Being Dad and Daddy in a Mommy World” caused a great amount of lively (and sometimes heated) discussion, both on the Gays With Kids website and Facebook.

In the News

“You Don’t Tell Your Friends You Have Two Dads?”

Ever since our kids were born, we’ve tried to help them understand and be proud of the fact that their family looks a bit different than others.


The Essential Co-Parenting Checklist

When two or more parents raise a child together without being in a romantic partnership with each other, it’s called intentional co-parenting. To help you get started, here’s a checklist of essential steps to success.


Being Dad and Daddy in a Mommy World

Perhaps, instead of having a separate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, in the future we should have just one day dedicated to recognizing parents and the role we all play in educating the next generation of society.


Kickstarter Campaign for Must-Read LGBT Books

If Heather of “Heather Has Two Mommies” had kids, what books would she read them so they can learn about their family, friends and themselves?

The Dad Life

On Adoption Day, Another Baby on the Way

What would you do if you found out that the birthmother of your 7-month-old child was pregnant with another baby?


The Wondrous Language of Children

I love observing my three kids as they develop their language skills. One of my daughters is thinking about concepts of past, present and future; that she has not yet fully mastered the subject of time is shown by baffling questions like “When is it going to be summer last year?”

The Dad Life

“Dad, Can You Explain Where my Mom is?”

I took a deep breath and explained, “He has a mom, but she doesn’t live with us. She chose our family. And we’re an adoptive family.” The boy’s English was broken but clear. “So he lives without a mom?” “Yes,” I replied, “but he has two dads.”


Gay Family Showcase

View photos of gay dad families from across the globe and add your own family photo.