How IKEA Turned a Boy Into a Man, And a Sap Out of Two Dads

Because today was a landmark day for Max. He went into that IKEA SMÅLAND bathroom a little boy, and came out an independent man. A little guy… who no longer needed his Dada and Papa.


Bringing Up Baby

I don’t know how folks manage toddlers and infants and babies, all screaming at the same time, demanding the attention of one individual.


Carpe Diem — Seize the Day

Are we really so different from the rest of the parents out there? If you just dig a little deeper, to the human side of things? No, we’re not.


The Reality of Raising African-American Boys in America

My husband and I dread the day we’ll have to tell our teenage sons that the world will not treat them like their white peers. It is unfair and it is maddening. But it is reality. How can we ask our sons to understand something we ourselves don’t?


Changing Surrogacy Options for Gay Men Around the Globe

As the costs of agencies, attorneys, hospital care and health insurance in the U.S. continues to rise, many Intended Parents are turning to overseas options to fulfill their dreams.

The Dad Life

Does Watching RuPaul Make You Diverse?

“RuPaul?” Eric asked, his face cringing in embarrassment. “Can’t we just say Anderson Cooper?”

“But we haven’t watched Anderson Cooper in years,” I replied, desperately wishing I could think of another answer.


Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a Co-Parenting Match

Do gay men really need one more online matchmaking service? You bet, says entrepreneur Darren Spedale. Just not for the reason you perhaps expected.

The Dad Life

A Gay Dad’s Struggle to Live Honestly

Ian Wilson was 21 when he realized he was gay. On a fall afternoon in 2006, when he was walking home from art school in Grand Rapids, Mich., the reality of his sexual orientation suddenly hit him.

The Dad Life

The Birth of Gays With Kids

In this video we share why we created Gays With Kids and what we hope to accomplish. We value your input, so please let us know how you think we’re doing. Leave a comment or send an email to

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