The First Stop on Your Journey to Fatherhood

The GWK Academy app is the roadmap to fatherhood that every gay and queer person needs to become a dad.

The GWK Academy App Includes:

Comprehensive Guides Written for Gay Men.

Exclusive Network of Vetted Family-Building Partners

For gay men it takes a village to create your family. We have your village here.

Coaching Call to Support Your Journey

Schedule a no-obligation call with Brian to learn how GWK Academy can support your journey to fatherhood.

Brian Rosenberg

Dad throught adoption & surrogacy
Gays With Kids Founder &
GWK Academy Head Coach

Gay Dad Mentors

Benefit from the experience of those who recently became dads through your path to fatherhood. 


Michael & Matt @michaelandmatt​

Matthew & Paul @matthewandpaul​

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I supposed to know which path to fatherhood to choose?

Trust us...we know first-hand just how complicated it can be for gay men to have children! That's why we created GWK Academy: To educate you on your options and help you decide which path to fatherhood is best for your family!

I'm interested in multiple paths?

Not a problem. With GWK Academy, you have the option to select just one course or both. No doubt after a careful review of all that's involved in both adoption / foster-adopt AND surrogacy, you will be able to choose the one that's best for your family.

I'm already in the middle of my journey, can GWK Academy still help me?

Absolutely! Some folks sign-up to get help finding family-building partners or to get introduced to a mentor (a gay dad who has recently traveled a similar path to fatherhood), or even just to use us as a sounding board. We are here to help, wherever you are along your journey.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to download the app and go through our free "Introduction to GWK Academy" lesson, which will give you a general overview of how GWK Academy works and your options to fatherhood: Adoption / Foster-Adopt OR Surrogacy.