Three Newborns Born in Nepal: Israeli Dads Look Back at Their Surrogacy Journey

WNYC’s RadioLab shares the fascinating story of Israeli gay dads of three newborns born during the Nepal earthquake. Following their return to Israel, the new fathers find themselves plagued by questions about whether they made an ethically good choice.

Video: The Birth of a Gay Dad Family

For years, Gays With Kids blogger Anthony and his husband Dom have had one big dream: welcoming a baby into their family. After years of planning, preparing, applications, home studies, parenting classes and saving money, the moment is finally there.

The Dad Fund

Our newest blogger Alex Gardner talks about what brought him to found The Dad Fund: gay dads raising money for organizations that care for our community’s kids.

Single Gay Dads Are Doin’ It For Themselves

Many of us gay dads are part of a parenting duo; some are doing it all by themselves. We spoke with three of them. Lessons learned from single gay dads on successful parenting.

In Honor of National Adoption Day: Rob, Monty and Their Sons

The heartwarming story of a forever family in California with two dads and four bio brothers.

Everyone Loves Cake

Every Saturday morning we publish our very popular comic “AJ & Magnus,” about the adventures of AJ, his canine friend Magnus and his two dads.

Boy Stars in New Barbie Commercial

Boy Stars in New Barbie Commercial – yes it got gay dad Michael Strouse’s attention when that headline showed up in his Facebook feed. But when he watched the commercial, Michael felt disappointed in Mattel for totally missing the mark! The commercial just marginalizes the “boy who plays with dolls.” The message is simple: Barbie + boy = sissy.

Meet Jose, Pedro and Sofia

Meet Pedro and Jose, a young Puerto Rican couple who fell in love at first sight! Earlier this year they adopted their beautiful daughter Sofia, and on October 15th they were married in front of friends and family.

The Boy From Berlin

Nothing can be worse than a post-divorce rut, but author Frank Lowe found “love” in a hopeless place and proceeded to get his groove back with the help of his shaman lover.