Family Movie Review: “Monkey Kingdom”

Disney nature’s “Monkey Kingdom” is an adventure that takes old and young viewers into the thick of the jungle and into the heart of a troop of intriguing macaque. It’s not just a lovely postcard from Sri Lanka; it delves into life, loves, and loss.

New Documentary “Gayby Baby” Tells Gay Family Stories From Kids’ Point of View

The powerful documentary “Gayby Baby” gives voice to four children growing up with same-sex parents (one with two gay dads) in New South Wales, Australia. The film will have its world premiere during the Toronto Hot Docs festival on April 29.

Lifelines for Gay Dads: Local Gay Fathers Groups

For many gay dads and dads-to-be, local Gay Fathers groups are a lifeline: They offer community, resources, training and more. We spoke with several of them, in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Toronto.

Video: The Birth of Brent and Doug’s Son

Celebrate the arrival of new dads Brent and Doug’s son Sawyer, who came to the family through open adoption.

Indiana Wants Me, But I Can’t Go Back There

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, gay dad blogger Kevin Fisher-Paulson has been talking with his sons Zane, 11, and Aidan, 9, about the recent events in the Hoosier State.

Even in Indiana, a Better Future Will Arrive

Indiana has been in the news in the last weeks, and not in a good way. Fortunately, the backlash against the discriminatory RFRA was swift. What do gay dad Hoosiers and legal experts think of the state? Their answers were surprisingly hopeful.