Being a Public Family

I think we’ve all probably had those moments – the sideways glance, the double-take over the shoulder or the stare. It’s part of life and at this point, I am almost oblivious to it.

Winter Wonderland

What’s the best thing about winter?

Developmental Delay Without Diagnosis

Our newest expert, a pediatrician, offers valuable insight for dads of children with unexplained development delays.

The Measure of a Man

Here are nine qualities Frank Lowe is looking for in a man.

Dolce and Gabbana Now Support LGBT Families?

Have Dolce and Gabbana changed their minds about LGBT families with the newest additions to their #dgfamily line?

#GWKThenAndNow: Casey, Garett, CJ and Patrick

This week’s #GWKThenAndNow features gay dads Garrett and Casey (who met in 2001) with their sons CJ and Patrick. This handsome family of four live in Orange, California.

Meet Gay Dads: Octavius and Seth with Julian

Octavius and Seth both wanted a family, but like many others who build families through adoption, their first adoption fell through, leaving the men heartbroken. A few months later, they opened their hearts again.

#GayDadWednesday: Clint and Jacob with Danica

Follow gay dad family Clint, Jacob and daughter Danica on a typical day.

Video: Spend the Day With BJ, Frankie & Milo

Toronto gay dads BJ and Frankie show us a typical weekend day for their family.