What Will You Do For Your Daughter?

Being a parent sometimes means answering questions. If you have a daughter, you better get ready to answer the following question: “What will you do for your daughter to help end gender inequality?”

Video: Visiting John, Frank and Their Son Zachary

From Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, meet gay dads John and Frank with their son Zachary. The couple share the significance of their marriage in Florida on the eve that same-sex marriage became legal in their state.

An Ordinary Tale of Desire, Shopping, and Nate Berkus

In a Target crawling with customers, under a poster of the (attractive) interior designer Nate Berkus, gay dad blogger Gil Lucero made a brief but meaningful human connection with a lesbian mom.

The Frightening Symptoms of my Son’s Mysterious Disease

Louis’ symptoms started last summer: falling, bumping into things, slurred speech. Now, eight months and many, many tests later, there’s still no diagnosis. But his family stays strong. They’ll deal with whatever comes their way.

Gay Dads, Synthetic Children and Plastic Tomatoes?

A priest calling same-sex marriage “a sham”; Dolce and Gabbana labeling babies born through IVF “synthetic.” Are gay dads, their marriages and their children part of God’s plan? Gay dad blogger Bill Delaney delves into the issue.

Coping With Grief

Compassionate and insightful advice to help us better cope with grief from our resident expert, LGBTQ-positive licensed marriage and family therapist James Guay.

Charts, Chores and Ka-Ching!

Gay dad AJ Edge came up with an ingenious reward system for his son Jackson. By doing chores and keeping track of them on a chart, Jackson now earns money to spend, to save and to donate to a good cause.