Video: Saturday With the Serran Family

Video: Saturday With the Serran Family

Here’s a typical Saturday for Canadian gay dad family John and Nathan Serran and their two daughters.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Scary News Events

After the recent onslaught of horrible tragedies, how do we help our children feel secure when we ourselves feel insecure, vulnerable and helpless? Gay dad blogger David Blacker comes up with some helpful tools to address these sensitive matters with your family.

Lunchroom Surrogacy

A gay dad talks about how his surrogacy journey began: in a lunchroom.

History Has Been Made! Gay Dads Featured on Nickelodeon

This past Wednesday, in an episode of Nickelodeon’s animated show “Loud House,” two gay dads made an appearance (voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald), a first in animation.

#SingleGayDadSunday: Trevor

In a relationship with a woman, Trevor became a dad. Then he came out, and he’s a much happier man for it.

A Slice

This week’s AJ & Magnus comic strip.

How Much Stuff Does a Newborn Really Need?

It’s a common mistake: buying too much baby stuff. Here are some great tips on what to buy and what not!

My Kids Don’t Eat Sushi – And I’m Okay With That

Kevin O’Leary lives in Brooklyn where every Persephone, Fletcher and Cyrus has a parent ready with a humblebrag about the variety of their child’s appetite. And then there are his kids: Keith and Jason.

Children’s Books to Help Discuss Gender and Being Different With Your Kids

A extensive list of good children’s books dealing with being different, gender, and trans people. Reading them with your kids could be a great starting point for conversations in your family about these topics!