Kids Clubs Give Dads a Break

You no doubt love your kids, but once in a while during a vacation there comes that realization you just need some “couple time,” when you need to focus some attention on your possibly slightly ignored husband.

Dads, Daughters, and Menstruation

How do you talk with your daughter about her period? How do you prepare yourself and her for her monthly cycle? Read excellent suggestions to help her “go with the flo.”

Meet the Cast and Creator of “Just Us Guys”

The creator, writer and producer of “Just Us Guys,” a video blog series about a straight teenage boy and his gay dad, introduces the cast to Gays With Kids.

Lifelines for Gay Dads: Local Gay Fathers Groups

For many gay dads and dads-to-be, local Gay Fathers groups are a lifeline: They offer community, resources, training and more. We spoke with several of them, in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Toronto.