When A Stranger Asks Questions About My Daughter’s Racial Background

“She’s cute,” the woman in the grocery store said. Then she added, “What’s her mix?” I’m sure the woman and the other people who have asked in the past were simply curious. But for me, there are many more layers to this question.

South Beach Gay Men on Fatherhood

Find out what these sexy South Beach sunbathers have to say about fatherhood.

Gay Dads and Their Ex-Wives, Happy at Last

Gay dads and their ex-wives speak about the pain surrounding the dissolution of their marriage and the happiness they found afterwards. For other gay dads married to women, their advice is clear: It’s never too late or too early to come out.

One World (Not Three)

Before they had kids, Christopher Thangaraj and his husband went on exotic trips, but after two adoptions and the current state of LGBT rights worldwide, they feel that their safe zones have become greatly reduced. However, Christopher finds inspiration in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail.”

Video: Benjamin & Chet’s Wedding

You first met this family thanks to the beautiful essay that daughter Emma, then 12 years old, wrote about her gay dads’ wedding. Now you can see more of the family and the wedding in this video.

Video: Olivier & Luciano’s Wedding

After three and a half years together, Olivier and Luciano were married on July 12, 2014, before family and friends and one VIP guest – their beautiful son! Congrats to this family!

A Gay Dad Faces Puberty

Puberty is always theoretical until it happens all at once. In the case of gay dad blogger Kevin, it happened this past weekend. Well, not for him, but for his 11-year-old son.