#SingleGayDadSunday: The Incredible Story of Steven and Baby Mason

Today we’re bringing you the story of Steven Adyani, who had to go through years of attempts and disappointments before he finally became a dad a few months ago. Meet Steven and his gorgeous son Mason!


Enjoy this week’s new “AJ & Magnus” adventure, Gays With Kids’ hit weekly comic about a boy, his dog and his two dads!

The Happiest Gay Dad Family Summer and Beach Photos!

Memorial Day Weekend is here. Summer is about to kick off! To get you in the mood, we’ve compiled the happiest summer and beach photos of gay dads and their kids. To all gay dads out there: Happy Summer 2016 !

Catfish Out of Water

While on a horrible date with someone he met on Grindr, Frank Lowe spots a hot guy. What is he going to do?

Movie Review: “Alice Through The Looking Glass”

In 2010, director Tim Burton dazzled audiences (and underwhelmed critics) with “Alice in Wonderland,” a 3D film that earned 1 billion dollars worldwide. Will this sequel make box office magic again?

Our Family: A Film About Family Diversity

Gays With Kids asked Becki Cohn-Vargas to talk about “ Our Family,” her short film about the importance of showing family diversity, made especially for elementary school students.

#GWKThenAndNow: Rick and Jason, Accidental Yet Extraordinary Dads

In 2004, Rick and Jason took in their sister’s infant son; in 2013, they rescued her infant daughter. Read the amazing story of a family that was created by chance, but is now deeply rooted in love.

UK Court Declares Single Parents Equal in Surrogacy Case

Change appears to be on the horizon for would-be single dads in the United Kingdom. A surrogacy law denying parental rights to single parents was ruled discriminatory; legislators are expected to change the law in the near future.