MommyDaddy, Like a Drag Queen at a Bridal Shower

Gay dad Andrew Kohn is ending his stay-at-home dad tenure: His kids are of school age now. But should either of them need him, he will roll in like a drag queen pushing through a bridal shower!

Watch: Jordan and Robby Bring Their Son Home

Husbands Jordan and Robby became dads through surrogacy on July 7, 2016. In this video they share some of the first photos of their new family.

Two Dads and Three Babies: A Miracle in South Africa

A same-sex couple from South Africa have become the world’s first couple to have triplets, including identical twins, via a surrogate.

Gay Dad Jeff and Daughter AnnaBella, Hiking Through Life

Single gay dad Jeff and his gorgeous daughter AnnaBella spend as much as possible of their time together hiking through Umpqua National Forest in Oregon.


It’s Saturday morning, and that means: a brand-new installment of “AJ & Magnus,” the hit comic strip about a boy, his dog and his two dads. Today’s it’s “Helping.”

Obama: A 21st-Century Feminist

Gays With Kids editor-at-large David Dodge reacts to President Obama’s recent personal essay in Glamour Magazine about women’s rights.

A Gay Dad Reminisces About Back-to-School Season

Gay dad Jim Joseph reminisces about back-to-school season years ago when his kids were young.

Summer Vacation Survival

In Columbus Zoo, with a soaring heat index and two overstimulated kids, Ian Wilson learns an important life lesson the hard way: how to survive a summer vacation with your kids.