Video: Discover Baby Milo’s Hidden Talent

In this very short video, BJ shows off his adorable son’s talent for blowing raspberries. Watch if you’d like an excuse to smile.

The 6 Things We Talk About on Date Night

As new dads, we found that a regular date night for just the two of us contributed greatly to our sanity. Now we hold on to them as a way to reconnect by promising to spend the night focusing just on each other. How’s that working out for us?

Family Movie Review: “Tomorrowland”

Director Brad Bird (“Ratatouille,” “The Incredibles”) successfully completes the task of creating a movie out of challenging source material: a Disneyland neighborhood built in the 1950s.

A Family’s Journey From Joy to Loss and Back Again

When Jay Boeldt died, his husband Wayne and their son Daniel felt an enormous loss. More challenges were yet to come. But today they feel fortunate to have established a bond with Daniel’s birth family in Guatemala and are preparing for a service trip this summer to the country that gave them so much.

Creating a Better World Through Mistakes

Gay dad-to-be Anthony Romeo realizes the beauty of mistakes: He can learn from them and thereby become a better man. Through these mistakes, he hopes to create a better world for him and his future child. But not everyone admits failings so readily.

Video: Gay Dad Wedding of Brandon and Robert

After 17 years, a commitment ceremony, and two children, Brandon and Robert got married soon after same-sex marriage was made legal in their home state of Washington. It was a wonderful family affair with their children participating in the wedding party!