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“Be patient, know your goals, stay strong, and lead with a lot of love.”— 5 More Inspiring Gay Dad Families

We love featuring gay dad families and their stories on our Instagram page! Check out of some of the beautiful families we’ve showcased over the past months! 

Algernon and Ro

“Our newest little one is truly a rainbow of sunshine and light.” 

Algernon and Ro recently welcomed another daughter to their family through surrogacy! But it was a long and heartbreaking road to grow their family.

“Our previous journey ended in late term fetal demise early in 2022. We were truly devastated,” said Ronaldo.

But the family continued their journey after therapy, prayer and support. “Our wonderful second surrogate decided she would be willing to give it another go and we started on this new path very cautiously.”

When they became pregnant again, the dads decided to not to share the news. On October 19, 2023, their youngest joined the world, making them a family of four!

“We literally told only a handful of people. Most of them found out when we posted on social media; we basically did a Beyoncé album release.” 

Their 4-year-old is excited and said her sister looks just like her. “We are still in Canada awaiting final paperwork to head home but we are filled with love and happiness.”



Caleb is a parent through a previous straight relationship and is a proud dad of four kiddos! 

When Caleb first found out fatherhood was in his future, he was still wrestling with living his authentic life. 

“Divorced after 11 years and now 4 kids later, I wouldn’t change a thing except to go back and be more honest with myself.” 

“I continue to have my struggles as a gay single father of 4 but these kids keep me busy and oh so happy. They love me for ME! They don’t care if I am gay or straight or bisexual. They just love me.” 

Caleb loves “every single thing” about being a dad. 

“Fatherhood is the most amazing thing that you never knew you needed, until you have it. Regardless of whether you can have your own kids, there are soooooooo many kids in the world that need homes!” 


Ryan and Brandon

Ryan and Brandon started their second surrogacy journey just a few months after welcoming their daughter in April 2022.

“Our rockstar surrogate wanted to complete our family and carry both our children, which was a blessing. There are no words to express our gratitude towards our surrogate, Biri. She is just simply an amazing human.”

On October 5, they welcomed their son!

The family of four are settling in well, and their eldest loves being a big sister! “She’s very sweet to him, loves to give him hugs and kisses.”

“We feel so thankful that both our journeys were quick and relatively easy. We started this whole process in January 2021 and to have two beautiful children by October 2023 is quite wild to us.” 

The dads only have one piece of advice for others wanting to start this process: “Be patient, know your goals, stay strong and lead with a lot of love.”



“Growing up Mormon, I thought I was in the right lifestyle, until I decided it was time to be myself, and came out.”

Gus is a single dad to his 5-year-old son through a previous straight relationship. He and his ex-wife co-parent their child together despite living in different states.

Even though they live apart, Gus makes sure his son knows he’s present in his life. “I try to visit very often, and he spends the summers with me.”

On being a dad: “It’s wonderful; it’s my favorite role in life. It’s the hardest thing I do, but it’s the most rewarding.”


Erez and Eyal

Erez and Eyal have been a couple for almost 10 years and were married in 2017. After adopting their dog Mans together, they knew they were ready for children. In 2020, they welcomed their daughter, and more recently, their son in October this year.

“We knew that we wanted to be a family and that our love and devotion to each other can inspire our own small tribe.”

Adoption wasn’t an option for the dads, so they decided to pursue surrogacy in the United States, where they are currently living.

“Becoming a family with kids is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to us. Growing up as closeted gay men in Israel we never imagined that something like this could happen. We still remind each other every day how lucky we are to have found each other and how fortunate we are to grow our family.”

While the lack of sleep with a newborn and toddler can be difficult, the dads agree that the best part of fatherhood is “the heart-warming hugs and spontaneous showing of affection.”

Congrats to this new family of four! @berezzz @edmh_03