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“Best Day of My Life was the First Day of His” — 5 Inspirational Gay Dad Families

Gay Dads

We love featuring gay dad families and their stories on our Instagram page; from becoming a dad to navigating fatherhood. Check out some of the beautiful families we’ve showcased over the past couple of weeks.

Scott - Los Angeles, California

LA dad Scott became a solo parent through surrogacy when he welcomed his son in January 2023.⁠

“Best day of my life was the first day of his ”⁠

Scott had been in a relationship right up to a month before the embryo transfer. “And then [after the breakup] reality set in that I was doing this solo, and there were many nights filled with worry.”⁠

Scott is happy to report that none of those worries came true. “I still can’t believe how amazing it’s working out.”⁠

“Bringing Stone into the world has completely changed me. I’m happy and grateful to be at this place. I’m just so excited that he’s here finally.”⁠

Scott’s favorite thing about fatherhood? “To love something more than myself and how much he inspires me.”⁠

And his advice to others? “To just start the journey! It doesn’t all have to happen at once. My life changed once I had frozen embryos.”⁠

Scott is supported by his loving family, his baby group, and his boyfriend. We can’t wait to follow along his journey as a dad!⁠

👨‍👦 @scottandersonlife

Zach & Tyler — Gainesville, FL

“We thought we didn’t have any other choice than to marry opposite sex partners due to our religious upbringings.” 🏳️‍🌈 
Zach and Tyler always wanted to be dads, and both having come from prior straight relationships, started their fatherhood journeys with their ex-wives. 👨‍👦 
Then, the pair met at a Christian conference, which is where they realized it would be better for everyone to live their truths. “Since then, we’ve joined our families to create a beautiful blended family full of love, transparency, and peace.” 💕 
“We want to help our children understand the value of love and kindness above all else.” In the process, they hope to be positive influences in the lives of their “future world changers.”      
“Having children that share our genes is pretty amazing, and being able to co-parent with their mothers has been awesome. While we wouldn’t recommend going through straight marriage just to have children, we would definitely recommend fatherhood itself.” 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 
👉 @travelinggaydadz

Jimmy & Barrington

Public schoolteacher Jimmy has two daughters – 17 and 18 years old – through surrogacy. 
Jimmy and his ex chose surrogacy as their path to fatherhood after first trying to adopt. They worked with Circle Surrogacy. 
In 2011 Jimmy met his fiancé Barrington and together they’re part of a 4-dad co-parenting family (his ex also has a partner). ⁠ 
Jimmy’s advice to dads to be is to be patient and persistent. 
His favorite thing about fatherhood? “Knowing what it is to have unconditional love for the first time.” 🫶⁠ 
👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 @jimmyhalpin_

Mark & Corey — New Jersey

Proud dads Mark and Corey welcomed their daughter on July 27th this year! 👨‍👨‍👧⁠

The northern New Jersey husbands met in 2013 and agreed early on in their relationship that they both wanted to be dads one day. “Fast forward to 2021, we decided it was the right time to start our path to fatherhood via surrogacy.” 👬🤰⁠

They met Dr. Leondires of @IllumeFertility at a conference and “we knew immediately that the future of our family would be in great hands. Everyone at Illume was absolutely amazing and a pleasure to work with.” 🤗⁠

After successfully creating embryos in July 2021, they started their search for a gestational carrier. “Two agencies and 15 months after starting our search, we finally had an appointment for a single embryo transfer.”⁠

Two days after Thanksgiving, Mark and Corey received a call that their surrogate was pregnant! Flash forward 9 months and they were dads! 👨‍🍼⁠

“Holding her in our arms for the first time was the most emotional and fulfilling moment of our lives. To acknowledge all of your dreams have come true is beyond surreal.” 🥰⁠

👉 @mmunro891

John & Joe — Louisville, Kentucky

John and Joe live in Louisville, Kentucky, and became dads through foster-adopt and private infant adoption. John is a drag performer ✨👠 and is instilling an important message in his kids: “Love and accept everyone for who they are and what they look like.” 👏⁠

Long before kids, John began his drag career. “Being a former competitive cheerleader, circus performer, and dancer, I enjoyed creating looks and characters to perform.” ⁠

Something John wants others to know about drag is that “all drag is valid and it’s a form of self-expression. We are not breeders or trying to confuse anyone. We are simply creating a character that hopefully makes other laugh, smile, and just enjoy the entertainment.” 💕⁠

During the 5 years as foster parents, the dads cared for 11 children between the ages of preemie to 9 years old. In 2021 they privately adopted their son, and in February 2023, they welcomed two daughters into their forever family. 🫶⁠

“We truly are blessed to share new adventures and movie nights at home as a family,” shared John. “We know adoption saves lives and knowing we are in the right place at the right time for these babies is so rewarding.”⁠

Although going through the foster-adopt program in their state was trying at times, the dads don’t regret a thing.⁠

“Don’t give up on your dream of growing your family! Don’t feel the burden of societal ways, and know you are the perfect person to provide for a child!” ⁠