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Dreaming of Fatherhood? “Go For It!”⁠ — 5 Heart-warming Gay Dad Family Stories

We love featuring gay dad families and their stories on our Instagram page! Check out of some of the beautiful families we’ve showcased over the past month.

Javier and Quique

Madrid couple Javier and Quique recently became first-time dads to a son through a surrogacy journey in the United States.

“I am completely in love with my family,” say the dads.

They also have a dog and two cats who round out this adorable animal-loving family.
During the surrogacy process, the dads developed a wonderful relationship with their incredible surrogate, Jillian. Below the dads describe the first time they met her in person.

“It was a magical and emotional moment. She is so brave, so funny and so kind.”

Javier and Quique describe their relationship with Jillian as a lifelong friendship.

Their favorite thing about fatherhood so far? “The hugs, kisses, and laughter.” 🫶

The family worked with Family Source Consultants to help make their dream come true.

Follow the dads here: @the_vetfamily

Watch the webinar Javier and Quique joined recently to share their story and answer questions!

Ryan and Tim

Ryan and Tim from Sioux Falls met in 2013 and were married in July 2016. The couple became foster parents and have cared for a dozen kids over 10 years. 
“Many people thought I couldn’t be a foster parent because I couldn’t stand having the kids leave. While them leaving isn’t fun we focus on the good things that happen,” shared Ryan.

The dads began fostering their two sons, now 9 and 10, in May 2021. On January 18 this year, their adoptions were finalized.

This family of four are avid campers and active in their community. “We have a wealth of support including: family, friends, church, and neighbors.”

But that doesn’t mean they don’t experience discrimination from time to time. “People and extended family that don’t really know us are appalled that two men could be parents,” shared the dads. “But when people spend time with us and see what a wonderful home we have created, they quickly change their perception.”

Their advice to others considering a similar path to fatherhood? “Do it, you won’t regret it! And the time the school counselor calls to tell you how proud your foster son is of the new clothes that you surprised him with, makes everything absolutely worth it!”

Follow the dads here: @the_ryan79

Dallas and Beau

Dallas and Beau live in Herriman, Utah, and are dads through adoption. They welcomed their son into their lives in 2019.

“Life and stress is nothing compared to coming home and seeing that smile and getting that hug.”

While the family of three have a closed adoption, they describe their birth mom as “amazing,” and they always invite her to family events.

Their advice to others considering adoption: “Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be scared. It takes time and is worth it.”

Follow the dads here: @dall01 


“I became a father thanks to a wonderful surrogate mother in Canada.”⁠

Jean always wanted to be a dad, and having a biological connection was important to him, so he pursued an altruistic surrogacy journey in Canada. On September 15 this year, he welcomed his son.⁠

“I love every moment of the day with my son, especially when I see him smile.”⁠

Like for most parents, the nighttime routine has been tough, but Jean is hanging in there.⁠

For folks who have a similar dream of fatherhood, Jean says “go for it! It’s the most beautiful thing.”⁠

Follow Jean here:⁠

Besiki Luka and Glen

Besiki Luka and his husband Glen have been together 12 years and live in Miami, Florida. They have three children through surrogacy. ⁠

The dads always knew that fatherhood would be part of their future; to not become dads “was not an option.”⁠

10 years ago they worked with Circle Surrogacy and welcomed twins a year later. Three years after that, they welcomed another daughter. ⁠

Their two daughters and son all have a creative side, enjoying painting, architecture, and “everything Art Nouveau.”⁠

The dads favorite thing about fatherhood is the “unconditional love!”⁠

Follow the dads here: @besikiluka