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Eric Wrubel - Attorney
Eric Wrubel
Lawyer, Fertility Law Group
575 Lexington Avenue , New York, New York 10022, United States
About the business

Eric Wrubel is the Chair of the Matrimonial Department and Co-Chair of the Fertility Law Group at Warshaw Burstein, LLP. Eric is recognized by peers, colleagues and judges as an accomplished matrimonial attorney. Eric is an acknowledged leader in the evolving area of LGBTQ+ rights in family law. Eric was lead appellate counsel for the Attorney for the Child in the groundbreaking case of Brooke S.B. v. Elizabeth A.C.C. which overturned 20+ years of discrimination against LGBTQ+ parents and the formation of their families. Eric is a leader in extending family law rights to LGBTQ+ individuals and having their families recognized by New York law.

More recently, Eric became involved in the area of reproductive family law. he championed the recent passage of the Child-Parent Security Act, legislation that legalizes gestational surrogacy in New York and ensures protections for New York families formed through the use of assisted reproduction. Eric has been called upon several times in the past to help remedy situations where embryos have been wrongly implanted resulting in a child being born to unintended parents. Eric’s involvement in embryo mishap cases has been to insure parental rights are secured for the intended family.