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José Rolón Events
José Rolón
25 Joralemon Street , New York, New York 11201, United States
Services are provided:
In-Person & Online
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    About the business

    First and foremost, José Rolón Events is a business run by LGBTQ+, Latinx, women, and women of color.

    A great wedding glorifies the jubilant couple while freeing them to make the most of this monumental day. But making that look easy takes months of hard work and preparation—that’s where José Rolón and his team come in.

    About José Rolón

    José specializes in bringing comfort to a process that’s famously filled with tough decisions and mounting stress. In doing so, he leaves his ego out, and gets the job done—step by easygoing step.

    A hospitality veteran (he opened two high-end restaurants in the early aughts), José planned his own wedding at The Foundry, one of the most coveted wedding venues in New York City. Passionate about the venue, he joined their staff and quickly become a crucial and beloved member of the events team.

    After making a name for himself, with his chill vibe and generous command, he left to start José Rolón Events. He now plans and executes seamless weddings that gain national recognition. Parents adore him, vendors respect him, and brides and grooms bestow their trust in him.

    A busy man, José is not only the co-host of Crackle’s new hit The Wedding Talk with Tara Lipinski, but he’s a single father living in Brooklyn Heights with his three wonderful children, Avery, Lilah, and London. A television host, social media influencer, public speaker, and an advocate for LGBTQ+, Latinx, and BIPOC community, there’s no telling what’s next!