Gay Dads Brandon and Darius Share What Fatherhood Means #CelebrateGayBlackDads

Brandon and Darius

What does fatherhood mean to dads Brandon and Darius? “Being present for your child, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.”

Brandon and Darius became fathers through Brandon’s previous marriage but Darius has been in the picture since the kids were toddlers. To them, fatherhood does not only mean a biological parent but someone who unconditionally supports and encourages a child to be their authentic self. Whether that is a stepdad, grandfather, cousin, coach, or mentor, Brandon and Darius agree that the role of a father figure should be celebrated no matter how that biological relationship looks.

Watch Brandon and Darius’ full video above.

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This was beautiful Admin. Thank you for your reflections.

March 8, 2023 at 3:29 pm

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