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Passionate About Helping Foster Kids Find Homes, Dads Jeremy and Chris Dove Into Fatherhood

Jeremy and Chris met at a pool party about a decade ago when they both lived in Florida.

Jeremy is a baker and bakery owner, and Chris works in management for a major grocery store chain. 


“Immediately after we got married we knew we wanted kids in some way. We felt passionate to help children in foster care because we knew there were so many who just needed homes and love.”

 So they dove headfirst into local adoption and foster care classes. The pair shared that while their path to parenthood was harsher than they imagined, it has all been worth it.


“Throughout the foster care process there is tons of doubt along with a ton of loss. We had our hearts broken many times. But we just keep pushing along and know there is a greater plan or a child who needs us more.”

The dads have cared for 13 kids and adopted 3 boys: Nick, 15; JD, 9; and Cameron, 7. They’re also currently fostering 3 additional children ranging in age from 3 months to 4 years old. “We’re a six-kid family now!”


For their journey, the dads started working with the National Youth Advocate Program in Florida and describe them as “amazing to work with.” They further shared, “Now, in Ohio, we are with NECCO and they have also been fantastic navigating us.”

The dads recently moved to Ohio due to Chris’ work, and built a small farm of mini cows, chickens, goats, bees, dogs, and cats. 


As for advice on how to work within the foster system, Jeremy and Chris advised all future dads to educate themselves on the different avenues within the system, and to follow their hearts.

“We currently have three foster babies and plan to help as many as we can and are definitely open to adopting more if it works out. We have been blessed with so much acceptance and support, and just want to continue bringing all we can to those around us (and especially as many kids as possible).”

And what do Jeremy and Chris love most about fatherhood? “Everything! We love the juggle, seeing [our kids] grow and learn and hit milestones. Sharing our stories with others and teaching these kids about kindness and community.”