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Simple Surrogacy Returns as GWK Academy Founding Family-Building Partner

At Gays With Kids / GWK Academy, we are proud to announce Simple Surrogacy is returning for the third consecutive year as our Founding Family-Building Partner.

To support the gay community with their surrogacy & IVF journeys to parenthood, GWK Academy works with an exclusive network of family-building partners that includes surrogacy agencies, egg donation agencies, IVF clinics, as well as other professional services providers. Each of these family-building partners has been vetted and approved by the GWK team and our advisors.

“Kristen and Simple Surrogacy have a long and proven track record supporting LGBTQIA+ family-building,“ notes GWK Founder Brian Rosenberg, “and we love that one of her top priorities is to help folks manage tight budgets. For us, Kristen (and her team) is not only one of our very first family-building partners, but she and Simple Surrogacy continue to be one of our most sought-after partners.” Kristen adds, “It is my continued honor to work with Gays With Kids to support LGBTQIA+ family building, as I have now been doing for over half my lifetime. I would be thrilled to help you build your family through Surrogacy.”

Here’s more about Simple Surrogacy: Simple Surrogacy is a fully female-owned and operated agency staffed with professionals who excel at building families through surrogacy. Our staff are skilled at working together to make your surrogacy smooth and complication free. With over 20 years of experience, and a unique insider’s knowledge of all sides of the surrogacy and egg donation journey, we stand ready to make your journey simple and successful. We pride ourselves on our client focus and excellent service as well as a focus on your budget to keep expenses in line. Our program includes state of the art technology to streamline your journey for improved coordination of your services, while keeping costs the lowest of comparable agencies. We guarantee success with EVERY journey and won’t quit working for you until you are a parent. We are fully LGBTQ+ and BIPOC supportive and support all varieties of family building.


Launching in April: GWK Academy Workshops

Staring in April, we will host two Workshops a month and participation is restricted to GWK Academy enrollees only. To help make sure these workshops are valuable, enrollees will be asked to help choose workshop topics. 

Our first workshop: “How to Budget for Your Surrogacy Journey,” led by Kristen Hanson of Simple Surrogacy.