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“We Did Not Choose This Path, it Chose Us” — 5 Incredible Gay Dad Families Through Adoption

Gay dads and baby

We love featuring gay dad families and their stories on our Instagram page! Check out these adoptive families we’ve showcased over the past month. 🫶

Taylor and Christopher — Brighton, Colorado

“We did not choose this path, it chose us.” 🫶⁠

Taylor and Christopher met in 2017 and were married a year later at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disney World. They became dads through foster-adopt in 2021, meeting their son when he was 3 weeks old. He was a high risk and high needs child as he’d been exposed to drugs in the womb. They were made aware of their son’s situation by a good friend who immediately thought of the couple as potential foster parents. 👬⁠

“I have a degree in mental health counseling and addiction studies, and my husband and I had tried surrogacy unsuccessfully three times.” ⁠

The couple received the call from their friend about the placement while they were enjoying their annual trip to Disney World having given up on the possibility of fatherhood. Many connecting flights later, they were holding their infant son. 👨‍🍼 They changed his middle name to Dash in honor of their love of Disney. 🏰⁠

As most folks know, reunification is a top priority for the foster care system, so there was year when Taylor and Christopher worked closely with the local court system to see if their son would go back to his birth family. ⁠

“We have an understanding and appreciation for parents who can get their lives together … for a year it was back and forth if our son would stay with us or be moved,” shared Christopher. “It was hard because we loved him so much, we didn’t want him to ever leave us.”⁠

Almost 18 months after their son was born, Taylor and Christopher were able to finalize his adoption. “Our adoption was HUGE! Our support system consists of our parents, our grandparents, our best friends … Our village is massive!” 🥰⁠

Follow this family here: @2dads1roo 👨‍👨‍👦⁠



Gary and Keith — London, U.K.

Gary and Keith are British dads to their one-year-old son through adoption. 👨‍👨‍👦   

“We met on a random app called BRO, exchanged numbers and arranged to have our first date and lunch in Clapham, and the rest is history.” 👨‍❤️‍👨  

The couple knew they wanted to become dads, so they began exploring some options.   

“We initially looked into the option of surrogacy but had many unpleasant setbacks. We then wanted to apply for adoption but were unable to start the process until we bought our house and had spare rooms. Once we had our home, we immediately applied and started the process. In total, it took about two years to complete and be approved.” 🥰  

According to the dads, their journey has been well-supported by family and friends. “The only doubts we had was if we would ever reach the end of the adoption application process and be approved. We both knew it’s all we ever wanted, so we worked hard and quickly to get it done.” 💪  

Their advice to other queer men pursuing parenthood? “Do it. don’t let the invasive interviews and lengthy group module classes put you off. Everything you have to do is worth it in the end when you get to take that baby home, give them all your love, and officially adopt them into your life to create your family.” 🏡💕  

👉 @garygl

Danison and Joshua – Orlando, Florida

“Our love story begins back when we swiped right on the dating app, Tinder.” 💕⁠

Danison and Joshua caught each other’s eye on the app when they realized they both had desk jobs for Disney. On their first date they said they wanted kids in their future. 💭👨‍👨‍👧⁠

The couple were married April 4, 2020, and chose adoption as their path to fatherhood.⁠

“When we first started family planning, we looked into both adoption and surrogacy. Due to the initial costs and knowing we wanted more than one child, we decided adoption was for us. And the more we researched and learned about adoptions, we knew we wanted to give a birth mom the peace of mind that her child will grow up in a safe and nurturing environment.”⁠

One of the most difficult aspects of their journey was not taking it too personally when their profile was submitted to a pregnant person and they weren’t picked. “We would ask ourselves, ‘Why not us? Were we too young? Is it because we’re gay? Was it because I (Danison) was Asian?’” 😣⁠

The dads preserved, and one day they got a call on February 28 about the birth of their daughter. They were told that they had been chosen to be her dads. “We flew out from FL to AZ meet our baby girl on Thursday, March 2! And we were able to bring her home with us to FL on Thursday, March 16!” ✨👨‍🍼⁠

“Our daughter makes us want to be better humans. She gives us a reason to be healthier, more patient, and kinder.” 🥰⁠

Congrats to this family of three! Follow their journey here: @emmyandherdads 🫶⁠


Blake and Matthew – Tucson, Arizona

On June 11 this year, 859 days into their adoption journey, Blake and Matthew welcomed their twins. ❤️❤️⁠

“Unexpectedly early and clearly way too excited to join our family!” 🥰⁠

And on Wednesday this week, the adoption was finalized. ✨⁠

“Surrounded in-person by our parents and the twins’ birth family, and virtually by our friends and family, a judge ruled we will forevermore be a family of 4!”⁠

We’re so happy for this beautiful family, and have followed their story from the beginning. 

Follow their journey here: @blakeandmatthew 🫶⁠


Jeremy and Chris – Ohio

Jeremy and Chris felt passionate to help children in foster care because they knew there were so many who just needed homes and love. 🏡👬❤️🌈⁠

“Immediately after we got married we knew we wanted kids in some way.”⁠

So they dove headfirst into local adoption and foster care classes. The pair shared that while their path to parenthood was harsher than they imagined, it has all been worth it. 💕⁠

They have cared for 13 kids; adopted 3 and are currently fostering another 3. 🙌⁠

“Throughout the foster care process there is tons of doubt along with a ton of loss. We had our hearts broken many times. But we just keep pushing along and know there is a greater plan or a child who needs us more.”⁠

Read the story of these inspiring dads by clicking the link in our bio. 🔗🌈⁠

👉 @capatochris