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“Dreams Come True!”: Instagram Family Features

We love featuring gay dad families and their stories on our Instagram page; from becoming a dad to navigating fatherhood. Check out some of the beautiful families we’ve showcased over the past couple of weeks.

Jeff and Craig

California couple Jeff and Craig were both approaching 40 when they were married and wanted to start their family as soon as possible.

“We definitely saw the need for people to foster kids.”⁠

When they started down the fostering path, the husbands weren’t sure if they’d simply foster or adopt from foster care. As soon as they completed their training the pandemic hit, and not long after, they received a call that three siblings needed a home. 

“We weren’t expecting that, but we couldn’t let them be split up, so we said yes. Two hours later, three bare-footed children ran into our house and opened every cupboard. They were 5, 3 and 1. We had our ups and downs but wouldn’t change a thing.” 

After 19 months it was time to for the sibling group to reunite with their mom, and it broke the dads’ hearts to let them go. 

Jeff and Craig, both teachers, took a short break before they received another call. This time it was about a newborn. 

“We visited her at the hospital at 3 days old and took her home. We were blessed when everything seemed to be going our way and just last month, we formally adopted her.” 

The couple have since begun a surrogacy journey hoping to grow their family by two more! 

Jeff and Craig said that fostering was an “emotional roller coaster.” 

“The only doubts we had were if all the hassles that come with the foster care system were worth it. And I think that being there for that baby really puts things into perspective and you’ll do anything for that child.” 

Jose and Sergio

Jose and his husband Sergio welcomed a son earlier this year via surrogacy in Canada. 

“Our journey began in 2020 and thanks to a wonderful woman we managed to have our son in March 2023.”⁠

“One day we decided to dream very very big, and sometimes those dreams come true!”

The dads are eternally grateful to their surrogate for helping them realize their dream of fatherhood. 

“The first time we saw our son, we felt that this long and hard road had all been worth it. We are very happy!!!” 


Italian dad Marcello became a single parent through surrogacy.

“I really wanted to be a father since I was young,” said Marcello. “I always had that feeling. I was and I’m still a bit concerned to be a single gay father as a lot of people are not ready to understand, but we’re getting there.” 

Since becoming a dad, Marcello has learned the power of unconditional love, as well as patience and taking the time to make the best decisions for his family. Although saying “no” to his son is still a struggle.

To become a dad, Marcello worked with Circle Surrogacy in the United States and found them to be very professional.

Darryl and Ian

Darryl and Ian live in Doncaster and became dads through adoption. ⁠

“We both knew we wanted children and wanted to give a child a new start though adoption.” ⁠

Their daughter Aspen was 18 months when she came to live with her dads. Before being placed with her forever family, Aspen had been living with her grandmothers, a same-sex couple. To this day the two families remain very close, communicating often and excited to see Aspen flourish.

Family is hugely important to this family of three and they’re often surrounded by loved ones: cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. ⁠

Although the husbands always knew that fatherhood would be part of their future, the actual reality felt daunting. “The thought of becoming a dad was scary enough but the thought of adopting was very scary, I was worried that I may not take to a child like I would my own,” said Darryl. “But as soon as we met Aspen, the fears and doubts were no longer there.” ⁠

The hardest part of fatherhood? “Not being with her all day.”

Jamie and Thomas

Jamie is a licensed professional counselor and board-certified sex therapist. He and his husband Thomas have two daughters born through surrogacy.

“I wanted to be a father for as long as I can remember,” shared Jamie. “I lost my mother when I was 19 and I knew one day I wanted to build a family of my own.” 

For Thomas, being the eldest of six, having siblings was a priority. Both dads were over the moon when they welcomed their eldest in February 2020 and their youngest in July 2021. ⁠

As a gay dad business owner, Jamie’s practice – @sadlerbridgeswellness – is listed in our Gay Dad Business Directory. He wants people to know that while being a dad is one of the most important parts of his identity, it’s not the only part, and it’s important for folks to “enrich all parts of who they are so they can feel fully seen by those who love them and by themselves.” ⁠

His practice also focuses on aspects of relationships that can be challenging and difficult to talk about and process. “We help couples navigate everything from improving parenting skills, to increasing emotional connection to promoting better sex through emotionally focused sex therapy.” 

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