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A Stunning Photo Album of a Gay Dad and his Daughter in Prague

Prague Dad

Meet Czech Gay Dad Jiří and his Daughter Emily!

Gay Dad

Jiří was born in the beautiful city of Prague and grew up during the time when Czechoslovakia was still a communist state. Jiří is openly gay; everybody knows it. When Jiří was 20 years old he met Denisa, a lesbian, and they immediately became great friends. They have the same kind of humor and share a passion for life.

They both loved the novels of Michael Cunningham. It was Cunningham’s “A Home at the End of The World” that helped them decide to create their own special kind of family, consisting of gay and lesbian co-parents.

Their daughter Emily was born four and a half years ago, during a time when Jiří had a boyfriend and Denisa had a girlfriend, so Emily was born to family of four parents! But both Denisa and Jiří ended their relationships, moved into a house together and started to live as good friends and co-parents of their beautiful daughter Emily.

Both Jiří and Denisa believe they’ll both meet new life partners one day and expand their family to include both the gay couple and the lesbian couple.

In the Czech Republic, it’s not so difficult to be gay, and certainly not in their very cultural city of Prague, says Jiří. Nevertheless, he still feels that people don’t understand their “weird” kind of family.

But Jiří and Denisa don’t care: They know that their daughter is very happy and that is their main concern. Jiří says that his and Denisa’s relationship works so well because they are such great friends.

Jiří doesn’t know any other gay dads in Prague but he loves seeing the many photos of gay dad families that Gays With Kids shares on Instagram. He is an advocate of all gay dads and offers his support to all gay dads around the world.

Jiří ends his photo album with a very sweet message for Gays With Kids and all gay dads out there: “Thank you for your effort and support! With LOVE and PEACE <3.”

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