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An Impassioned Dad Gets Loud: “Love Will Win”

Erik Alexander, a.k.a. Nola Papa, is a dad of three through private infant adoption. He’s been sharing his experiences as a gay dad raising a transracial family living in the south since 2016.

We will be heard.

Tension grows in our country surrounding the repetitious assault from legislators that are targeting families that don’t look like the stereotypical American family.

I am here to tell you, Florida, God, and the world, “We are here! Today. Tomorrow. Forever. We will be validated.”

The stronghold of suppression from basic human rights erodes by the year. It chisels away at our fundamental right to be treated like everyone else. Period.

We must be allowed to coexist in this country – together: Everyone.

We all make this dynamic world unique because of all the different people, cultures and places we are surrounded by.

That being said, the LGBTQ+ community are still targeted and plagued by bigoted political parties. The unfair treatments always swarm around the “LGBTQ” status.

The conservatives put us in this box to begin with. And now that is all they see. They categorically labeled us as misfits and pushed us aside. We are not misfits, and actually…

We are so much more than just LGBTQ+.

They labeled us and locked us away to separate us from the rest of society. And because of that, this is all that they see. That needs to end.

We love our families just like any other other out there, and better than some!

Many of the children needing to be adopted are due to mistakes straight people made.

These babies are paying for it. Not the heartless, out-of-touch republicans.

The years of suppression on minorities in our country are grave mistakes. Double standards cloaked by the smock of religion at the highest levels jeopardize our future. They aren’t just hypocrites. They are liars. They paint a vile, vicious, and misrepresented picture of what a rainbow family IS.

That is a toxic view for our children, the future, and the entire world.

We have come a long, LONG way.

Look at my family to see it! We are a legally married, two-dad family with three beautifully vibrant, multiracial children through open adoption.

Strides have been made. For sure! But I would be remiss to not address the significant  damage by the new “Don’t Say Gay” Law in Florida.

cid_20075F0B-08FE-4628-ADFF-7DC09B29E363Photo credit:

My husband is about to complete his residency in psychiatry here in New Orleans. He understands the development of our children. And so do I, for that matter.

But ya know what? (I just found this out.) Don’t tell him I told you, he just got accepted into the ONLY fellowship program in the state of Louisiana.

So, Florida and any other back woods state – trust me when I say that we know what is…

best for our own children!

Because of the toxicity this putrid governor in Florida has caused, vile and horrible variations of this bill are making its way across our country. Why? Because a few law makers down south started a red wave that is currently sweeping its way throughout our country.

But, you know what? We are used to losing. They are not!

cid_1951B212-0ACE-4B54-9A7B-A61FF97E7189Photo Credit: @bsaphotography

When we all unite and walk with love, humility, and optimism, we are unstoppable. But it won’t happen unless unity is ignited fiercely in this country. Unity that we have not felt in a very long time.

We must learn to walk together and to be unafraid to hold a stranger’s hand again. Brave forward into the future, side by side while holding on tight to that dream that we all hold so dearly.

Visible smiles that we can finally see again will help us through these times.

Love will win. Mark my words.

Don’t listen to the media, friends. Each side paints their own narrative which benefits their ulterior motives.

Furthermore, you don’t have to “say gay” for a kid to understand that love is universal.

But the dialogue changes when we aren’t even allowed to say who we are, out loud. Shame on you, Florida, and any other state that agrees.

We see all y’all. Change is coming. I promise.


Our family would love your support!

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