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Celebrating Bisexual Dads this #BiWeek 2022

Stories from amazing bisexual dads

Whether bi+ folks identify as bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, omnisexual, fluid, or queer, #BiWeek is designed to recognize the resilience and power of the entire bi+ community.

From September 16th through the 23rd, as part of National Bisexual+ Awareness Week, Gays With Kids is celebrating some of the wonderful bisexual+ dads in the GWK community, like Charlie Roberson. Though he knew he was also attracted to men from a young age, Charlie married a woman in his early 20’s. In 2012, the couple had a beautiful daughter together.

Bisexual Dads

“I knew I was bisexual when I was young, and I told my parents when I was 16,” Charlie said. “[My daughter] was the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

When their little girl was about one year old, the couple decided to divorce. Their custody case took over two years to resolve. Although they’ve had their ups and downs, Charlie now co-parents his daughter with his ex-wife.

It wasn’t until early 2018, when Charlie met Taylor, that he came out as bisexual.

“I was tired of keeping it a secret,” Charlie said. “Plus, I fell in love with Taylor; he is my soulmate.”

When he came out, Charlie said most people in his life responded supportively, and that he finally feels happy and content.

For other bisexual dads, Charlie said his advice is to “be a great dad first and live your life genuinely. It’s too short!”

Alessandro lives in Pennsylvania with his two daughters. He became a father through a straight relationship with a woman he now considers to be his best friend.

“I was married to my now ex-wife for five years,” Alessandro said. “Although things didn’t work out, we have become a better team for our little girls, and for that I’m truly thankful.”

About a year after their divorce, Alessandro came out as bisexual. Although he’s now busy working full time and attending college to get his bachelor’s degree, Alessandro said his favorite role is as ‘dad.’

“While I’ve learned to balance my time with work obligations and raising my family, I will say that there is no better job out there,” he said of being a father. “I am truly blessed to have two beautiful little girls, and a partner turned my best friend.”

Bobby B. is a bisexual dad in a longtime straight marriage. He lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado with his wife of 21-years.

Although Bobby said his sexual identity is not exactly a secret, he said he has always avoided referring to himself as bi because of the stigma.

“I never came out publicly before,” Bobby explained. “But [I was] always accepted by those who know.”

As a bi dad who is married to a woman, Bobby said it’s been a long personal journey for himself as he figured out how he self-identifies.

“[That’s why] I’m happy there is a Bisexual Awareness Week, and regardless of how I identify now or in the future, I’m proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community,” he said. “I encourage all LGBTQ+ parents to embrace who they are.”

Ernst is a 35-year-old bisexual dad from Germany who lives with his son in Buxtehude, just outside Hamburg. He is now happily engaged to the man he calls his soulmate, but Ernst said it hasn’t always been smooth sailing being a bisexual dad.

When he first came out as bi, not only did his marriage to his son’s wife end, his parents also broke off contact with him.

“That was very hard for me because family is very important to me,” Ernst said. “Some ‘friends’ also broke off contact with me. Amazingly, I have no problems at work. They accept me for who I am.”

Ernst also faced some serious problems with his son’s school and with the youth welfare office, in part due to his sexual identity.

“Since I was a single father, I was not trusted to raise my son on my own. When it came out that I’m bisexual, there were a few hurdles because I was accused of behavior that is harmful to the child’s welfare,” Ernst explained. “I had to get help from a lawyer.”

The road may have been bumpy at times for Ernst, but his advice to other bi dads is to always accept who you are. “If you’re completely behind it and accept yourself that way, then people usually react positively. At least that’s how it is in my experience,” he said.

Ernst is now very excited to be marrying his fiancé, Amir, at the end of the year, and to be moving into a new home together with his son.

“We have become a family, and it feels like I have found my soulmate,” Ernst said of Amir. “We will get married on December 22nd, 2021. Next month we are going to move into an apartment in Buxtehude. We three are very happy.”

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