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Chatting with Dads-to-be Michael and Matt on Their Podcast ‘Who’s Your Daddy?”

GWK Academy head coach and Gays With Kids founder Brian Rosenberg had the pleasure of chatting with dads-to-be and content creators Michael and Matt on their new podcast “Who’s Your Daddy?”.

Brian and the couple connected at the start of their fatherhood journey in February 2022 via social media after Matt and Michael announced that they were starting the process to become dads.

“Once we decided we wanted to have kids, we had no idea where to start,” said Matthew. Brian hoped to answer that question with GWK Academy, the platform created specifically to inform gay and queer men about all their options to creating a family and then to guide them along their chosen path of surrogacy, adoption or foster-adopt.

Also on this podcast, Brian talks about his experience becoming a parent, and how his HIV status — and the AIDS epidemic — impacted his journey to fatherhood.

We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast!

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