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Dads Through Altruistic Surrogacy in Canada: Anthony and Logan

Two gay dads and their two babies

Canadian couple Anthony and Logan have been married for five years. They recently became dads of two through two simultaneous altruistic surrogacy journeys in their home country. (Altruistic surrogacy — meaning the gestational carrier is not compensated by the dads-to-be, though her out-of-pocket expenses can be reimbursed — is the only legal form of surrogacy in Canada)

Anthony shared, “When Logan and I decided to get married, we both wanted to have a family of our own. We made it our priority over the last 5 years to make that happen.”

The couple wanted two children within the same year, but where advised against a twin pregnancy¬† (which comes with a host of possible complications for both the birth mom and the twins). So the couple embarked on the journey of finding two separate surrogates and an egg donor to help them become dads. Fortunately, Anthony’s sister offered to be one of their gestational carriers, and they used the same egg donor so their children are genetically brother and sister.

Interested in becoming a dad through surrogacy?

“Two surrogacy processes at the same time — was definitely a roller coaster ride! Our journey was filled with many ups and downs, as well as several failed embryo transfers and lots of waiting for another go around. Through it all, though, we couldn’t have asked for two easier surrogates to work with.”

Their babies are five months apart (currently six months and one month), so “It is almost like having twins!”

Through the process, the dads have maintained a close relationship with their team. “Our relationships with our surrogates and our egg donor are very much the way they were all along… strong friendships. And, of course, one is my sister. They see the babies as often as they can, and we are constantly sending them pictures. As the babies grow into children with questions, we plan to be completely transparent with the kids on how all the pieces came together to bring them into the world.”

The couple feels lucky to have been supported by their friends, family, and community. “Nothing but pure love!”

“Our advice to others trying to create their family: it can be a lot of work and can take years. Sometimes, during the journey, we felt it would be impossible to find two surrogates to carry our two babies; we wanted it badly enough and we made it happen.”

Follow the dads here: @anthonysalituro @logangiesbrecht

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