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Gay Dads Nick and Travis Switch Paths to Adoption for Their Forever Family

“Partner with the right adoption agencies in the right places. A multiagency approach really worked for us.” 

Nick and Travis decided to become dads in 2019, and at the time, they chose a foster-to-adopt journey. However, after two reunifications in less than two years, they changed their path a bit. 

“We ultimately decided that foster care wasn’t right for us, despite going into it with the best intentions. In early 2022, we went full force on a path of domestic adoption.” 

Gay dads holding their adopted son

They first matched with adoption agency Vista Del Mar in Los Angeles, and within a few months they had signed with three agencies, now in Texas and Florida. 

“We got a call in early April that we were matched with an expectant mother in Houston, and within two weeks we left to hopefully meet our newborn son. Unfortunately, that situation did not work out.” 

While the waiting and disappointment were difficult to bear, the couple trusted the process and knew that they would eventually become dads. 

“Then, in May, we got another call from our other Texas agency that we would be presented to a potential birth family. After Zoom meetings, lots of letters and bonding, we were picked by the parents. We flew to Texas again in late June, in hopes that this one would work out.” 

The couple was in Texas, hiking in a bayou when they got the call: they needed to be at the hospital the next morning to pick up their son. 

“We were so excited and relieved. We will never forget how we felt spending time with Oscar’s family at the hospital. It felt so right, like they were already family.” 

“Our agency guided us through the whole process with compassion and care. The experience was a far cry from our time on the foster care route. And it was our first time in Texas!” 

The dads brought home their son a week later. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of “extreme elation, sleep deprivation, giggles, blowouts, cuddles, cries, and a whole lot of love.” 

“Partner with the right adoption agencies in the right places. A multiagency approach really worked for us. If you’re hoping to self-match, make sure you are equipped to guide expectant mothers to resources and support. If you’re hoping to foster-to-adopt, make sure you’re honest with yourself about your ability to handle loss (reunification) and trauma.” 

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