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Dads Through Surrogacy: Josh and Paul

Josh and Paul met in 2008 and became dads 9 years ago to triplet daughters through surrogacy. While they’ve since become married on paper, they are still waiting for their ceremony

“Little did we know that the thing called Covid would cancel our wedding plans three times!” The couple live in Portugal and although they look forward to the day they can celebrate their love with friends and family, it’s not high on their list of priorities.

“As I often say to people,” Josh shared, “with the house, and the car, and the kids, and the dogs, how much more married do you want to get?!”

The pair always wanted children. “When I went on my first date with Paul, my second question for him, following ‘How are you?,’ was ‘I wanted children, and I knew you were married and already had three children, so if having children is not in your future plan, let’s just have a nice coffee.'”

Interested in becoming a dad through surrogacy?

Three years after that, they researched their options. Being Australian, domestic surrogacy wasn’t an easy option at the time. So the couple decided to work internationally and started their surrogacy journey in Thailand.

Gay dads with their kids who were born through surrogacy

“We were super lucky that it all worked out for us and, within one year, we were parents! The entire journey was relatively smooth.”

Parenthood, according to the dads, is everything they’ve always wanted it to be. “I love it! But then again, I have three girls and they’re nine years old. Maybe I wont think the same in a few years’ time.”

Their biggest fear in parenthood? “The fear of not ever doing it. Also, dealing with all of their different personalities, each child is so different! Being a good parent to each of them is a skill I’m working on constantly!”

Follow the dads here: @joshua.s3

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