Gay Dads Who Brought Down the House With Their Baby  Announcement Pics

The path to gay fatherhood isn’t exactly what we’d call straight forward, so when it comes to sharing the news that you’re expecting, for a gay man, it’s an opportunity to come up with the cutest, most creative way to shout it from the rooftops! And that’s exactly what these gay dads and dads-to-be did! Check out our latest collection of uplifting, artistic, and hilarious pregnancy announcements and adoption news.

Welcome to Daddyland! Daniel and Jack, West Hollywood, CA


Welcoming their lil lego…. Michael and Whit, Chicago, Illinois

Michael and Whit, Chicago, Illinois


Should someone tell them that’s not how it works? Whatever. Congrats to Tobias and Michel, Flanders, Belgium!

Tobias and Michel, Flanders, Belgium


Either finger Uggs are back in style… OR Bryce and Jeffrey in SLC Utah are having twins!


Don’t think that dress is in your size, guys…. Congrats to William and Nicholas, in NYC!


Mark and Jason, Arizona


Move over storks, these babies gonna be delivered by dragon! Congrats to Nick and Ray with Mittica, Chicago, Illinois


First came love, then came marriage. Congrats to Phillip and Clint in Texas!

Phillip and Clint in Texas!


Don’t shake that box! Congrats James and Andy in New Jersey!


James and Andy in New Jersey!

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