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Gays With Kids’ GWK Academy Proudly Welcomes Cofertility as a New Family Building Partner

GWK Academy Welcomes Cofertility

Cofertility joins a roster of best-in-class partners to help gay and queer men become dads

BOSTON, MA — Gays With Kids/ GWK Academy are proud to announce a partnership with Cofertility.  GWK Academy’s vetted and exclusive network of family-building partners share a passion for helping gay, bi, and trans men become dads — as well as the expertise needed to navigate the various challenges facing gay-dads-to-be. Cofertility understands that the path to parenthood isn’t necessarily the same for everyone but the desire to have a family is. Egg donation is an essential part of LGBTQ+ family planning and Cofertility supports all families through their fertility ecosystem, making egg donation more accessible, human, and community-driven.

Gays With Kids founder and GWK Academy head coach Brian Rosenberg says “We are thrilled to welcome Cofertility as our newest family-building partner! Their unique, human-centered platform provides gay men with a new and innovative approach to egg donor matching. I’ve been continually impressed with their entire team’s passion for supporting LGBTQ+ family-building, through and beyond the matching process!”

Cofertility’s Family by Co platform matches intended parents with egg donors in the Split program, which at its core allows women to freeze their eggs for free when they donate half to a family who could not otherwise conceive, including couples with infertility, gay dads, cancer survivors and more. Matches are made in a personal, empathic way including educational resources, support tools, and a community of other intended parents. Not only do intended parents have access to a broad and diverse pool of egg donors, they can also feel good knowing that their donor has the same goal in mind that they do – high-quality eggs. Plus, they get the opportunity to understand the donors’ values, backgrounds, and personalities – things intended parents want to know, and that donors care about too.

Cofertility joins an exclusive network of vetted family-building partners representing the best-of-the-best in surrogacy and IVF service providers, including Simple Surrogacy, Circle Surrogacy, Family Source Consultants, Same Love Surrogacy, Illume Fertility, Main Line Fertility, Fertility Specialists of Texas, San Diego Fertility Center, International Fertility Insurance, and the Fertility Law Group of Warshaw Burstein among others. For GWK Academy enrollees interested in adoption or foster-adopt, GWK Academy has an ever-expanding network of LGBTQ competent adoption and foster-adopt agencies located throughout the country.

Cofertility CEO Lauren Makler commented, “We are excited to officially partner with  GWK Academy and to make our more ethical, transparent matching platform available to more hopeful dads. Brian and his team are preeminent leaders in this space and we are committed to helping them fulfill their mission. Our goal is to address some of the key tension points in fertility care, including the transactional nature of cash compensation and the lack of diversity amongst egg donors that prohibits intended parents from building the families they want.   We’re proud to say that our donors are diverse, representing 55+ ethnicities, as well as ambitious, and particularly excited about the opportunity to help LGBTQ+ families.”

Rosenberg adds, “Thanks to the strong relationships we have with our family-building partners, we are able to pair gay and queer men who are looking to become dads with the most suitable option for them. We have invested years of effort in building our network and have a thorough understanding of each partner’s operations, permitting us to make appropriate connections tailored to the individual needs of those looking to build families.”

About Gays With Kids

Founded in 2014, Gays With Kids (GWK) is the world’s largest and only resource, website, and social network dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of gay, bi, and trans dads and dads-to-be. GWK is a services company focused on delivering unique and valuable services for our community of gay and queer dads and dads-to-be. Our mission is to inspire, inform and guide gay, bi, and trans men throughout their journey of family building and support these dads to live their best authentic lives while navigating fatherhood.

GWK Academy is the world’s only platform to educate gay and queer men about their options for becoming dads, and then to guide them along each step of their journey. For more information, visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

About Cofertility

Cofertility is reshaping fertility preservation and third-party reproduction so it’s more accessible, human and community-driven. The company offers a destigmatized, scalable approach to egg donation, which reshapes the cost structure of egg-freezing by matching women who want to freeze their eggs with families who could not otherwise conceive and by donating half, women can freeze their eggs for free. Cofertility is in the “family” business, determined to improve the family-building journey — today or in the future — and is in an endless pursuit to make these experiences more positive. For more information, visit or follow on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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