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Meet our newest contributor: Dr. Kevin Patterson, gay dad, psychologist and coach

My journey into parenthood started 12 years ago with the adoption of our 2 daughters (now 17 and 14) through Arizona’s state adoption system. This very public and visible step forward for our family contributed directly to the overturning of the state’s marriage ban, ushering in an era of marriage equality. 

In my role as the former president of Equality Arizona, I’ve worked to reform foster care and adoption laws, and established Project Jigsaw, a nonprofit that helps connect gay parents with children needing loving homes. Over the years, I have proudly supported numerous gay dads on the many unique paths to fatherhood.

As a gay dad and experienced psychologist, I have dedicated my career to guiding other gay dads and queer families through their unique life journeys. My practice is a vital resource for those facing the challenges of adoption, fostering, and the complexities of parenting within queer family systems, including situations with co-parents, stepparents, or former spouses. 

With a deep understanding born from my own experiences, I strive to offer empathetic 1:1 support and tailored strategies that address everything from intimate relationship dynamics to overcoming burnout and mental health hurdles,. 

GWK editor’s note: we are delighted to be able to offer Dr. Patterson’s support and expertise for our community of gay and queer families in the form of blog posts and virtual programming.

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