This Gay Dad Realized his Dream of Fatherhood with the Help of a Life-Changing Game Show

NolaPapa, otherwise known as Erik Alexander, recently featured a dad on his podcast whose story we shared a few years back. This isn’t a story one can forget easily. We’ll let Erik take it from here.


For gay dads, just to create our own family we have the deck stacked against us. It is incredibly disheartening, expensive and the process can feel overwhelming. But due to the perseverance of our community, every year we see more and more gay men join the ranks of fatherhood.


The NolaPapa Podcast has one basic mission: to find inspirational stories of gay dads from across the country, and Michael Bellavia‘s surrogacy story does just that.


Michael’s own love of game shows allowed for him to not only think “outside of the box” to create what he always wanted, but it also left him with ONE EPIC OF A STORY TO TELL! This is a must-listen.

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