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“Thank You for Making our Dreams Come True”: Congrats to These New Gay Dads

Whether through surrogacy, fostering, adoption, or co-parenting, this group of new gay dads shows that our families are growing by the day, in every single way! We’re happy to welcome all these wonderful fathers and their kiddos to the GWK community!

Klay and Bill with Leiv and Olin, Utah

Klay, Bill, Leiv and Olin
Klay, Bill, Leiv and Olin @klay.keeger

Bill and Klay met over 14 years ago. “Right away I knew he was the one when I saw how much family meant to him,” shared Klay.

Over the years they discussed having children but it never progressed beyond our conversations. 

“Adoption didn’t feel like a fit for us living in Utah which traditionally isn’t very accepting of same-sex couples and we didn’t even know where to start with surrogacy. That all changed when another couple we knew had their first child through surrogacy. Speaking with them it became clear that starting our own family was possible even given the many challenges ahead.”

Over a 4-year journey, the couple welcomed two sons. Their eldest son Liev was born 9 weeks premature weighing only 3lbs 5oz, while their youngest Olin was born in August, weighing a whooping 9lbs 1oz. 

It felt like we had skipped the newborn phase altogether after our experience with Leiv. Talk about extremes!”

The Utah family are very grateful for their two healthy and happy sons.

“I hope that by sharing our story of a family brought together through surrogacy that other gay couples dreaming of having their own children can find that path as well.”

Follow the dads here: @klay.keeger

Max and Altair with Alexis, Pennsylvania

Max, Altair and Alexis
Max, Altair and Alexis @maxpierrecarvalho

“We started our path to adoption in 2020, but parenting was something that we looked forward to since we were kids.”

Atlair and Max are from Brazil, but live in Pennsylvania. The first kid they tried to foster was from Washington State. “Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and so Alexis along came! When he saw us for the very first time, he hugged us and since there he was our son.”

The dads faced a lot of challenges before they became a forever family of three, from their son’s biological family, to prejudice to their own personal challenges. 

“But everything worked out. The adoption day was a victory. Victory of LOVE!”

“The world told us that gay marriage, adoption, and FAMILY, we’re something restricted to heterosexual couples, but we proved that it’s not true! Adoption is revolutionary”

Follow the dads here: @maxpierrecarvalho

Shannon and Jarret with Riley, Hawai'i

Shannon & Jarret
Shannon, Jarret and Riley @hi_life75

Shannon and Jarret met in 2014 and from the very beginning  both always dreamed about being fathers. 

“We were married in August 2018 and after many delays due to covid as well as legal obstacles, we finally have our baby Riley born in September 2022.”

Riley was born via surrogacy in Europe. “Holding her for the first was the absolute highlight of our life thus far. We can’t believe we finally have our family of four (including our dog Maile).”

“Riley, we promise you that you will be loved 𝐹𝑂𝑅𝐸𝑉𝐸𝑅. Thank you for making our dreams come true and now we are ready to make 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 dreams come true.”

Follow the dads at @hi_life75


Marcin and David with Cameron, Lilla, and Carter, U.K.

Marcin and David
Marcin and David @two_dads_story

Marcin and Davi met in Hong Kong in 2017. After 3 months of being officially together they got married in New Zealand and a few months later they moved to London U.K. where they’ve lived since.

“We always wanted to have kids so that was the natural next step for us.”

They started their surrogacy process in March 2021 and in July 2022 they welcomed three babies. Cameron Jun, Lilla Lee, and Carter Kai.

“Of course, we were shocked when we got information there will be 3 of them but we were happy. They are not triplets, we used two surrogates, one was carrying a single baby, and the second was twins. Baby Cameron Jun was first and was born on 04.07.2022 (very American) and the twins on 13.07.2022.”

They did their surrogacy journey in CyprusIt, and it was an extremely emotional experience for the dads. “Being back home with 3 of them it was pure happiness. We were shocked at how instantly you love your babies!”

Follow the dads here: @two_dads_story

Carlos and Wilson with Ian and Gael, Brazil

Carlos and Wilson
Carlos and Wilson @2pais2bes

Carlos and Wilson are two dads from São Paulo Brazil. 

“Our babies, Ian and Gael, were born on June 25, 2022. Our cousin Milena carried the babies … the babies are our genetics, each one has the gene of each parent.”

“We are very proud to be a different family. Our family is watered with lots of love, care and respect.”

Follow the dads here: @2pais2bes

Brian and Jason with Boston, Salt Lake City

Brian and Jason are dads through adoption two times over, welcoming their youngest in June this year. 

Here’s a snippet from their Instagram post announcing the news in June.

“Last month, while we were in Hawaii, we received the most exciting news: we matched with an expectant mom. The last several weeks have been a whirlwind, but on Tuesday Boston Miles was born.

We are so thankful to his birth mom for entrusting us with him. His big sister absolutely cannot wait to meet him.

We’re so excited to be a family of four. We love you so much already little guy, even if your dads are already a bit sleep deprived.”

We’re thrilled for this forever family of four.

Follow the dads here: @dadsbydesign

Rich and Sean with Christian and Nolan, Levittown, Pennsylvania

“We never thought we would be parents but we first became foster parents suddenly overnight in 2017 when we had an emergency placement of Sean’s nephew Christian on his 2nd birthday.” 

Christian spent 2 years in the couple’s care before his adoption was finalized. 

The dads decided they wanted to continue to help foster kids as there was a big need in their area, and almost 2 years later, Nolan was placed with them, January of 2021. 

“During that time we bonded and had trips to the beach, the mountains and Disney World, family holidays and lots of adventures. We finally got the news in August 2022 of Nolan’s adoption. We adopted Nolan September 30, 2022.” 

The forever family of four celebrated with their family and friends. “It was an amazing moment knowing Nolan would be with us forever and he would be safe and happy! We have a celebration trip to Disney World coming up too!”

Follow the dads here: @twodadsanddisney

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