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“The Wind Expedition” Dads Set Sail with Their Son

Meet dads Rafael, Court, and their son, Gabe — a family known online as The Wind Expedition, which chronicles their travels across the world with their son. The two dads journey began, appropriately enough, on an airplane — where the men were both working as flight attendants.

Now, they travel the world for a living — to explore, learn about sustainability, and teach their son how to be the best global citizen possible.

The arrangement also gives the family of three a lot of quality time together.

“As gay parents, we don’t seem to have any issues raising our child while traveling the world,” said Court, of their globetrotting adventures. “We get to see a lot of our child, which is exactly why we do this.”

“We sold our house, bought a boat,” said Rafael. “And now we sustain our travels by hosting people in our catamaran for affordable, luxury vacations.”

Though COVID hindered the dads’ exploration, the family just completed their first transatlantic voyage together. They are excited to get back on the water as things become more and more possible. Be sure to follow along as they travel the world at @thewindexpedition. And check out some of their travels in the video below!


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