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These Gay Dads are Traveling the World with Their Preschool Kids

Even from the very beginning, this international family was destined to explore the world.

Jordi, from Spain, met his husband Anders, from Denmark, while working in China. The two became dads via a surrogacy journey in the United States, and (usually) live as a family of four in Copenhagen. However, they’re currently exploring over a dozen countries on a 6-month round-the-world family trip. Is your head spinning? We’ll slow down a bit.

Jordi and Anders met in 2012 while working in China. They always knew they wanted to be parents and desired a biological connection to their kids. Commercial surrogacy is illegal in Europe so they looked elsewhere.

“The USA offered us peace of mind and a framework which was straightforward and easy to navigate,” said Jordi. “Their legal grounds are very strong.”

The husbands worked with Family Source Consultants (FSC) in Chicago.

“FSC was a great choice for us. They offered us guidance and lots of practical suggestions. It was a comfortable process and we thank them for that!”

In July 2017, Anders and Jordi welcomed their twins, Sofia and Christian, born in Colorado.

In August 2018, we featured the family on the @gays_with_kids Instagram page and Jordi said, “Our life is now perfect and complete in terms of having each other, our twins, and a Labrador.”

As the twins approach school age, the dads decided they wanted to take some time off to enjoy their family and make new memories together.

“My husband and I work very hard in Copenhagen, and we decided to take a pause in our careers and focus on our children,” said Jordi. “We know that precious family times never come back.”

Their adventures began in January this year and since then they’ve visited Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. They’re about to embark on the next 2-month leg of their journey: Europe.  

Jordi and Anders have some top tips for other dads considering a similar trip:

  1. Book hotels with pools and breakfast included.
  2. Stay long enough in each location – “You don’t want to waste time packing too often.”
  3. Book a hotel with a gym – “This was a good thing for me as I could have some ‘me time’ and steam out.”
  4. Visit places that mean something to you and to your family. “During this world trip we walked down memory lane, and it was a fantastic thing to do!”

We wish this family well for their next 2 months on the road, and we can’t wait to follow along via their photos on Instagram!

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Jordi Fakiani


Thanks for the interview!

If you have any questions regarding your surrogacy journey, please reach out to us!

June 21, 2023 at 10:35 am

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