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We Partner with Warshaw Burstein’s Fertility Law Group to Create all-new Surrogacy & IVF Legal Guide

Introducing our First-of-its-Kind Surrogacy & IVF Legal Guide for Gay Men

We are delighted to announce GWK Academy’s newest addition, a first-of-its-kind Surrogacy & IVF Legal Guide created specifically to take gay men through all the legal considerations of a surrogacy journey. This guide represents our collaboration with our newest family-building partner Warshaw Burstein’s Fertility Law Group, led by co-chairs Alexis Cirel and Eric Wrubel.

The Surrogacy and IVF Legal Guide is accessible only through GWK Academy. Eight engaging videos cover topics ranging from egg donor and surrogacy agreements to establishing legal parental rights when using surrogacy. The Fertility Law Group also provides an analysis of the impact of the overturning of Roe v. Wade on surrogates and intended dads alike.

Alexis and Eric are pioneers in LGBTQ+ family-building. By obtaining several precedent-setting legal decisions, Eric has successfully expanded the pathways to parentage for LGBTQ+ individuals, who can now raise families under the full protection of the law in New York. His co-chair Alexis is also a leader in the complex area of surrogacy and reproductive law — she was one of the leading advocates for the passage of New York’s Child-Parent Security Act, the gold standard for laws like it country-wide, including protections for surrogates. Their mutual understanding of these complex issues applies to parents nationally and is highlighted in the video series.

Warshaw Burstein’s Fertility Law Group is GWK Academy’s exclusive legal partner, and their team brings a national network of connections able to support GWK Academy’s surrogacy & IVF enrollees anywhere they live. Plus, we know these dads-to-be will greatly appreciate the fantastic job Eric and Alexis have done presenting complex legal issues in a format that is easily digestible and readily accessible.

Click here for more information on the Fertility Law Group or to contact them directly.

Surrogacy and IVF Legal Guide

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