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“Dear Harper & Knox”: Messages to Kids on Black History Month

“Our hopes for you is that every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep is that you celebrate who you are,” says Ricardo (Rico) to his twin daughters Harper & Knox in this video. He again  echos this sentiment later by saying, “We just hope that you love who you are and celebrate who you are… and that you never lose sight of where you come from.”

Rico and Vernon have a non-traditional relationship when it comes to fathering their two daughters. They’re single dads who co-habit and co-parent their children. “Things were complicated,” admits Rico. “However, we did not allow that to deter us from our goal of having children.” 

“Black history is truly all around us, it’s in everything that we do,” says Vernon as he begins to list just a few inventions that were the result of brilliant African Americans. 

Watch Ricardo and Vernon’s full video message to Harper and Knox in the video above. Be sure to check out the many other black dads and their messages to their kids in the links below.

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