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“Dear Lyla”: Messages to Kids on Black History Month

“I hope to always celebrate Black History Month with you by reminding you how beautiful you are, how worthy you are, and that you are enough,” says dad Clayton in this video to his daughter. “Overall I just want you to always celebrate being you because that is special; that’s what the world needs more of right now … Everyday that you wake up and step into your day, I want you to always remember that Black is beautiful.”

After trying to become dads for almost two years, Clayton and Andy heard about a 5-month-old baby girl who was looking for her forever family. “From the minute we met her, she felt like ours,” shared Clayton.

Clayton begins his message to Lyla by telling her it’s important to celebrate Black History Month “because we can”. Clayton emphasizes the importance that while Black History Month is only one month, “My hope for you is that you always celebrate being Black.”

Watch Clayton’s entire touching message to Lyla — one of many featured from Black dads in our community this month — in the above video.

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